Sorry there’s no Echo 08 up yet! It’s drawn and lettered, but Renee’s tied up helping color a story for NOBODIES, Volume 2 (a really cool anthology. We were in volume 1, They’ve got a Kickstarter going that’s two weeks shy of ending. Check it out!. I’ve seen a preview, and it’s pretty snazzy. There are a couple friends in there, and I even got to write the foreword!)

Here’s a preview of the page to tide you over:

Once Renee’s done with colorin’ the other thing (today or tomorrow, she says?) she’ll be back on board with AF. So look for a late post this week sometime. My guess is the weekend or Monday. I can’t make promises though! My hope is before the end of the donation drive.

Speaking of which! The last day to donate is September 30th.

– Samuel M. $141.41
– Chris D. $124.11
– Kurt H. $95.00
– Erin S. $90.00

Here are the current top donators. Looks like Chris D. wanted to take a decisive lead over everyone else. They’re some pretty high numbers to beat if you want to get those premium items.

Thank you all for the donations, though. You’ve been great! All the money we get goes to making Alpha Flag that much better/professional/mobile and so forth. Your generosity is very, very appreciated! I’ll have to cook up some form of thanks in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!