There was a flurry of activity at the 11th hour with a few of you vying for top spots, and the final result was as follows:

– Chris D. $193.11
– Samuel M. $141.41
– Kurt H. $95.00
– Erin S. $90.00

Renee and I are totally blown away by all of your generosity! Thank you guys so much. I’ll be getting in contact with everyone I’ve missed soon, to get missing details about what I’m sending where! You guys are seriously the best!! I’ll update this post with some more information after I get it all sorted out in a few minutes here.

Looks like we’re moving over 40 issues to 32 cool people–lots of new faces, and lots of returning ones from the sale of the first issue! People from the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand! Looks like the big winner of who people wanted featured on their postcard sketches was the Diver, too, with Charlie trailing in second.

I’ve got a huge stack of stay flat mailers heading my way this week. Once I get my hands on those, I’ll mail out all of your stuff. (To those of you who ordered bigger illustrations, those might take a little longer, since those need to be drawn, but I’ll make the turnaround fast.)

Thanks again to everyone who donated! You guys are amazing.

Also, here’s Echo 08!


P.S. We’ve had a few requests to put the donate button back up. You can still use this if you want to order issues or pins, but the higher level items are off the table for the time being, and in fairness to the Chris, Samuel, Kurt, and Erin, the top four tally can’t be changed anymore.