Thanks for all of the donations so far, you guys. I’m totally blown away by your generosity! I put a little table up in the top right of the page so you can see who’s in the top four.

Renee spent a few days over the weekend hand coloring the first of the two wallets that arrived. There’ll be two in the pool of prizes for the top donators. Here’s an action shot!

The pattern is colored on the outside, but left black and white on the insides. It looks really snazzy!

Also, the packaging for the Charlie pins came in the mail today. Some of you have said how much you like cool little printed card things, so I wanted to show you what the pins will look like when they arrive in the mail.

It’s a nice little matte cardstock image of Charlie in front of the Charlie flag with spot gloss in places to make it extra fancy. The back of the card is the Foxtrot pattern.

We’ll also be selling issues and pins over the weekend at the LA Convention Center for Comikaze 2012!