So here we are. The second issue! This is a huge personal landmark, so I hope you’ll excuse me if I smile too much at the prospect of completing an entire issue of comics.

So here we have the third chapter of Alpha Flag: Charlie (you know, that guy)–the first of two chapters making up Issue 02. In this issue, Charlie takes the Diver out into the world to recover more pieces of his mind. The poor guy’s been through a lot already and, naturally, is about to go through a lot more. That said, I hope I didn’t scare all of the trypophobes away with the small slice of body horror in the last issue, because this one is pretty strange too, and I don’t want to miss a chance to weird anybody out here.

Information on the print version of the first issue can be found here, and digital copies of the first two chapters, Alpha and Bravo, can be found in the store.

I think everything is mostly on track. I’ve loved reading what you guys think about the comic and the pages–it makes me really proud to know that there are lots of cool, intelligent people out there who get what I’m doing (sometimes you guys are really getting to the core of what’s going on in the comments). So thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for buying the stuff if you feel like it!