Bad news, guys. Next week’s page (Charlie 08) is going to be delayed a bit so Renee and I can go to a wedding of our mutual friend (congrats, Scott and Tiffany!). I’ll see if we can get it up later in the week, but no promises. [Ed: Renee suggested I mention that I’ve been doing a trade comic called Indoors with Scott. I really owe that guy a page.]

It’s not all bad news, though. I’ve been working on a science fiction short story for the last couple of months. It’s called Soil. Sometime in late September I’m going to start serializing it in this here journal thing so you guys’ll get two pages of comics a week for a while (one Soil, one Alpha Flag). No solid dates yet. I’ll let you all know when that happens.

That story will also be printed in the NOBODIES anthology published by Drawmore Inc. alongside a really snazzy story called Snake, by Next Town Over creator Erin Mehlos (who I have plugged a million times and will continue to do so!) and a bunch of other cool creators. Renee is coloring one of the stories in it, too! It is going to be excellent.

So, sorry in advance and I hope you will look forward to that, too.