Renee and I will be at APE this weekend at half of table 415. APE is Alternative Press Expo at CONCOURSE EXHIBITION CENTER • SAN FRANCISCO, CA • OCTOBER 13 & 14.

It’s a pretty cool, small show. Great if you love indie comics. We’ll have issues, Charlie pins, and various sketches to sell, as well as issues 1 and 2 of my science fiction minicomic, SF.

If you live in or near San Fran, it’s one of my favorite shows, so I definitely endorse checking it out. Like I said, though, it’s really small. You can experience the entire convention in a few hours.

Also, Kent Mudle of the super-cool, super-shonen series Beret will be selling his book there! If you like shonen comics, you owe it to yourself to give his a read.

Also Also, Emanata–the really nice iPad app that hosts all sorts of cool indie comics like Alpha Flag, Next Town Over, and the aforementioned Beret–will be there as their first con appearance! Worth a look if you’ve got some spare looks to hand out.