I had Renee and a few friends over this weekend so we could pack up all of the donation issues and pins and so forth to get ready to send out soon (if you only ordered issues and pins, I’ve just gotta draw a few of your postcards! Bracelets are being made and illustrations are being drawn in between other work). Issue/pin orders will be going out this week, and the others as soon as their constituent parts are completed. Shouldn’t be too long!

I’m working on the new page, too, but until then, here’s what one of the high rollers is getting in the mail:

9″x11.75″ mixed media.

And another for good measure!

9″x11.75″ mixed media.
Virrey Philip Fèlix Sunil IV from Soil! I was really happy to get that as a request. I kind of miss working on that. Renee and I had some fond memories before we remembered how much crunching we actually had to do to get it to completion for the deadline. We semi-joked about doing a new Soil story in full watercolor, but then we remembered that we don’t have any time! (I’ve been moonlighting on two other comics projects. That’s what’s causing the AF delays this season.)

If you want to read Soil (again), I’ve moved it here, under the more comics tab in the header bar since my b site broke itself after an update.

Ohh, and if you don’t follow the Alpha Flag tumblr, here are some pictures of the donation incentive scarf in its completed form.

16 feet long. Knitted by our good friend Dani.