“Bravo”, the second chapter (the twelve pages of comic, cover, and some extras) of Alpha Flag has been collected neatly into digital form and is available for purchase, starting right now! I’ve put it up in the header in place of the Alpha chapter. You can also find both of them in the Store tab.

Like I said last time, “It’s got some extras in the back that won’t go up on the site, as far as I’m planning now. It’s even got the page that’s coming out tomorrow in it as a pre-thank you for testing this system. Basically, it’s a sweet little condensation of the art side of this site, not cluttered with blog posts, comments, ads and all of that excitingly internetty detritus. You can read it offline, in a comic reader, or on your various digital devices (provided they like CBZ or PDF files)!”

And once again, it costs whatever you want to pay for it. Thanks for buying, downloading and/or just reading Alpha Flag online. We really appreciate it!


If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see, extras-wise in the future digital downloads let me know and I’ll try to work some suggestions in.