Continuing the trend of showing you guys other comics I do/have done, here’s another!

Like BoaY, Poison Pen Letter “is part of a sort of game I play with some of my art friends. One of us draws a first page, which generally locks in a character, the setting, and the genre, then the second person continues to story with no input from the first. Generally, we don’t talk about our intentions for the pages/stories/characters, and just let the other person interpret and continue it however they think it should go. Also, a very important rule is: do your page whenever you feel like it/have time. So basically, it could be days between pages, or it could be months (years? Never?). This is to underscore the ‘doing it for fun/practice’ aspect of the exercise. And really, it is fun, and it is great practice!”

Poison Pen Letter is a fantasy collaboration between Erin Mehlos, the creator/writer/arter/doer of Next Town Over (which, if you’re not reading by now, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to my pushing of it everywhere!) and me. I’m responsible for the odd pages, and she does the evens. The story so far is about two characters who are seemingly trapped in a bottle world by a witch? Maybe? Who knows!

Same story as last time! New pages whenever they happen. (I need to figure out some sort of mass awareness system for these things. I’ll get on that!)