So I figured I might as well link to the other comics I do/have done, so there’s more stuff for you guys to read while waiting for Alpha Flag. If you guys follow my various other sites (deviantART and Twitter and the like), you’ll probably be aware of these, but I figured I’d link

This first one is part of a sort of game I play with some of my art friends. One of us draws a first page, which generally locks in a character, the setting, and the genre, then the second person continues to story with no input from the first. Generally, we don’t talk about our intentions for the pages/stories/characters, and just let the other person interpret and continue it however they think it should go. Also, a very important rule is: do your page whenever you feel like it/have time. So basically, it could be days between pages, or it could be months (years? Never?). This is to underscore the “doing it for fun/practice” aspect of the exercise. And really, it is fun, and it is great practice!

So, Bastard of a Year? It’s a science fiction collaboration between JD Smith (he’s the creator/artist of the teenage superhero comic Acrobat. He’s drawing issue 30 now. THIRTY!) and me. I’m on the odd pages, and he’s on the evens. I hesitate to describe the story, because that might influence the outcome. You should read it, though, because it’s pretty sweet.

New pages in: whenever they happen. Just preparing you for disappointment when you want it to continue, here!