Hey guys! Renee and I posted Alpha 00 on the 20th of January, 2011, which means today is the comic’s 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, Renee and I have been working on finally bringing you more, new Alpha Flag.

As such, today we posted nine new pages, starting where we left off with Hotel 10 and going through to the end of the Hotel chapter with 18. These new pages will also be higher resolution for those of you with high pixel density screens (previous chapters in @2x will be coming as well).

We also wanted to celebrate the occasion by reimagining that first cover we made way back when, but reflecting the Diver’s current status quo in the comic to show how far we’ve all come that’ll be slipped in after the Hotel chapter.

Moving forward with the next chapter, India, I’ve been taking a deep dive survey of the original outline that Alpha Flag has always been written from — that is, the story has always been written through to completion in bullet points in the original outline, but the two individual chapters that make up each issue would get written as I approached the end of the previous one. India and Juliet are coming along, but I’m also taking an opportunity to write a little farther and deeper than before so the continuing story has a little more consistent polish. Expect some more movement on India next month as Renee and I figure out what fits into our respective schedules.

Anyway, welcome back, and thanks for having us in your lives again!

– Jon