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Hey guys! If you’re a big webcomics reader, you’re probably already quite aware of what Patreon is, but if not, it’s a platform where you can set up a monthly, recurring donation to help connect a creator to the resources they need to make the work you want to see from them.

Alpha Flag has been quite susceptible to the tidal forces of my freelance day job, but with Patreon I’d love to have your help in making more time for comics. I’d love to put out comics for you at a much faster rate. If you’d like that, too, please check out my patreon campaign. I’ve got some rewards tiers that might interest you if you’re already a fan of my work. The first few milestone goals are specifically about ensuring¬†that both Renee and I can produce Alpha Flag with regularity, and after that, expanding the side comics (Untitled SF, Terminal Hair, and more) I put out for you, too.

Please check it out!

– Jon