Renee’s coloring the final page of Foxtrot, which means it’s the final page of the third print issue of Alpha Flag! So to celebrate, we’ve added a bunch of new items to the store:

The new books (Alpha Flag Issue 3 and Untitled SF3 [18+!]) will be in my hands in early October. If you preorder the books (and if you want, the other items we have for sale, too!) you can get 20% off your total order using this handy coupon code:

Alpha Flag issue 3 will include the Echo and Foxtrot chapters, and you’ll definitely be able to read what Kilo whispered to the diver while standing on his shoulder!

Untitled SF 3 will be a double-length issue, clocking in at 23 pages that’ll see the return of Koharu from the first chapter. If you haven’t read those yet, you can do that here.

I’ve also added some mixed media drawings that Renee and I did together to the store, just in case you wanted one of those and haven’t had the fortune (or don’t live on the West Coast of the US!) to see us at a convention. There are a few of each character available.

Also, also, I just spent the last couple of days getting a digital store together so you can download PDF and/or CBZ versions of all of Alpha Flag (well, save for Foxtrot. That’ll be up as soon as Renee hands me the finished colors–so, soon!) and SF. All for Free+. Basically, pay what you want. If you want free, free is fine!

Phew, I think that’s everything. We have some more exciting stuff lined up in the coming weeks, too, so be ready for that, too!