Today’s the start of the third issue of Alpha Flag–the first chapter of it will be Echo. The seagull is dead, but namesake lives on in this chapter! Looks like we get to see more of Kilo and the mysterious guy who was watching the guys on the beach last chapter. Who is he? What does he want? I can’t promise I’ll ever answer these questions. I might, but I can’t promise.

Also, you guys are doing so well with the first pin puzzle. 11 of the pins have been claimed so far, which means there are 9 still available (alternatively, using the countdown image, there are still available). Congratulations to those of you who have figured it out and claimed a pin for yourselves. I packaged these up tonight so I can ship them off tomorrow:

Each pin comes with a serial number–your serial number as an Alpha Fan–hand written onto the fan card with the date you earned the pin below it.

For those who gave up on puzzle, there are still about 80 more that will be made available in the coming months–once I figure out how to award them in ways that play to everyone’s different strengths.

As usual, thanks for reading and participating. Renee and I really appreciate it!