As the sun sets of Charlie and the Diver, they see that mysterious man watching them. Who is he, they wonder.

Who indeed!

That’s the end of this kind of brutal chapter. See you later, Echo. You were a very ill-tempered bird. Hopefully we didn’t lose too many of you with those last few pages of violence. Charlie and the Diver are still learning–hopefully they’ll figure out a better way to do this reincorporation thing somewhere down the line.

We still owe you final colors on a couple pages at the beginning of the chapter, but Renee will have those up for you guys soon, like she did with the pages from the previous chapter. That one is totally complete now, if you’re interested in taking a look at that.

We’ve got a lot of really interesting things planned for you coming up–starting with a really special thing this Thursday at midnight, PST (I hope. I’ll announce whether or not it’ll be late on Wednesday sometime). If you’re a big fan, you will definitely want to be first in line for this thing.

Now that that mystery has been sufficiently teased, I’ll let you know that we’re working on a print version of the second issue, and we’ll be doing ordering a little differently than last time. I’ll let you guys know what the deal is when things are more concrete, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s on the way, and rather soon.

And once again, thanks for reading, and double thanks for your patience with the erraticness of our update schedule.