Aww yeah. I just set this up the other day. This B-Sides site is going to be where I put the short comics I do (generally in collaboration with my super talented friends) on the side while working on Alpha Flag. I threw True Hi-School Romance (by both Ray Bruweldeheide and me) up there to test it out, so if you haven’t already read that for some reason, you might as well, now. But that’s beside the point!

The main point is SOIL! It’s a short I wrote, drew, and partially colored (with Renee flatting and coloring the second half, Ray coloring bits and the first page, and me filling in the gaps.) for the NOBODIES, Volume 1 anthology published by DRAWMORE, INC. The book is gorgeous, and the stories are excellent. It’s got a cool western (that isn’t about Vane Black and John Henry Hunter) by Erin Mehlos, too.

So what’s the deal? A new SOIL page every Monday–page 3 going up this coming Monday. Giving you guys a couple to start with. That’s it really. Please read it and comment if you’d like. I really appreciate it! If you want to get a physical copy of the book, I’ve included a link to the DRAWMORE, INC. store. All proceeds go to funding NOBODIES, Volume 2, which you can be a part of if you have a really cool comic story you want to tell.

SOIL is an 8-page science fiction short about a man struggling to save his generational colonyship from falling apart after drifting through space for hundreds of years, and the glib plant creature that represents salvation for the thousands of people under his care.