Hey guys, as you’ve noticed, there have been a couple late pages and skipped weeks lately (like this week’s page). Renee and I have had some work-based tumult that we’re finally starting to see the end of. I hate having to miss a week, as I’m sure you hate when we do, so I’m sorry about that. Like I said, though, things are clearing up, so at some point in the not-so-distant future we should be back on track. New pages are on their way, so thanks for your patience and for sticking with us!

That said, what do you guys want to see in lieu of pages when it has to come to that? Sketches? Nothing posted? I tried some things last month and nothing seemed to really fit well. Do you want to be informed of lateness in advance? Basically, what do you, as readers, want to see if you can’t see the page?

Let me know. I’m very much listening.



P.S. Also, if you’re in the select group of cool dudes who ordered books and sketches from us, they are on their way. Expect them soon!