Renee’s been working for the last week or so to set up some classy social media sites for Alpha Flag. The are as follows!

Tumblr, wherein the main site content is repeated, but you also get some sweet polar bear pictures, amongst other extras.

Facebook were you can tell the world that you “like” things, and get updates through that, if that’s your poison. We’ve also got a like button up in the sidebar to the top right (under the archive dropdown), to make things easier.

Twitter, where all the info is repeated in bite-sized chunks.

If you’re feeling more personal, we both have deviantart accounts (Jon / Renee), and personal Twitter accounts (Jon / Renee)!

Phew. So many things. Please link/follow/like/befriend/verb these in any way you’d so desire!

Renee also managed to find a cool bookmark (like in the place a bookmark in a book sense, not the confusing “the entire internet is a giant book, so place hundreds of bookmarks in its infinite pages” metaphor that was a good idea at the time, but is horrible now) thing that lets you “tag” pages for later, so if you’re not going to read Alpha Flag for a year, it’ll keep your place for you!