With the completion of Golf last week with page 10, we’ll be running the remaining pages of The Only Thing I’m Really Afraid of is the Thought of Dying Here Alone and Forgotten for the next five weeks, starting with today’s Alone and Forgotten 10. If you need a refresher on the short story, you can start here. While Alpha Flag turns into the Renee show for a month, I’ll be hard at work getting ahead on the next chapter: Hotel.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a really exciting guest cover artist lined up for Hotel 00, which we’ll be posting on July 7th! Which means Hotel 01 will be uploaded the following Thursday, July 14th. Change of plans! I need an extra week to pull some things together, so Hotel 00 will be posted (as scheduled) on July 14th, now, and Hotel 01 will post the following Thursday.

In other news, I’m currently building a Jon Cairns Patreon that’ll launch alongside the new chapter next month, and I’d love your input on what you’d like to see from me for that. The first milestone will be ensuring that Alpha Flag can keep updating 4 times a month, like it has been since our return. After that, what kind of content would you like to see from me (more Untitled SF, Terminal Hair, Shorts, or just more Alpha Flag)? What kind of rewards would interest you? I’m open to all suggestions! I’ve got a pile of my own ideas, but I want to make sure that it represents what you guys want to see, so we can work together to get cool stuff in front of your eyeballs and in your hands.

– Jon