So over the weekend we switched over to the new site. It’s running on more modern code now, and with that comes new features! I wanted to point out a few to you guys:


Aspect Tagging

There’s now a page dedicated to Aspects under the About entry in the menubar. It should be more convenient than constantly having to swap back and forth between the comic and wikipedia, like some of you have done in the past. All of their appearances are now tagged in each page. I mostly built it off of Known facts so far in the comics, and from a few of your (scarily accurate) guesses. Pictures of the aspects as they appear in the comic are still going to be obfuscated (with a mouseover) behind their flags if you don’t want any sort of spoilers in that area.

I’ve also left the comments section open there for you guys to use how you see fit. I also included a few shreds of new/unspoken information for you to chew on. It’s not plot-important stuff, but those of you who love speculation might be interested.


Scheduled Buffer

In the column of widgets to the right of the blog entries and comments under the comics, there’s a new one called Scheduled Buffer. It tells you what content we have scheduled to post, and a date for when it’ll be posted on the site. I know we’ve caused you guys a lot of anxiety with missed updates and slowness in the past, so I wanted to kind of peel back the curtain a little bit an expose ourselves so you can see if we’re on track or not.



Other smaller things like improved keyboard navigation, a cleaner archive, new descriptive copy throughout, social media links, and new comics on my personal site, too. Just general refreshes all around.


So let me know if anything’s broken or not working for you. Otherwise, enjoy! (And see you on Thursday)


– Jon