These are the thumbnails I did for the second and third pages of this chapter. This was back when I was using a ruler to get the page ratio of the thumbnail drawing absolutely correct. The things we do when we have too much free time.

Basically, the process is as follows:
1. Draw little comic page
2. Hash in rough panel outlines while reading script
3. Keep repeating until you have something that reads well (this is more important when you’re still trying to establish the actual look of the pages of the series. It should work itself out for you eventually.)
4. Draw little gesture drawings to work out general poses and composition.
5. Draw larger studies to work out panels with specific action or body language.
6. Abandon everything you’ve done when working on the final page.

You can see here that for some reason I didn’t follow my 6th rule very closely. The final pages are fairly close to the thumbs. The next few pages, however? Nope. Nope at all.

Also, Renee set up a links page, so you can go there for some links to sweet comics, and for some official Alpha Flag link banners.