Renee and I will be at APE this weekend at half of table 752 (the other half will by occupied by our friend Dani Graves/Shilanes). APE is Alternative Press Expo at CONCOURSE EXHIBITION CENTER • SAN FRANCISCO, CA • OCTOBER 12 & 13.

Here’s a map of where to find us inside the center!

Last year, before seeing it again after a few years away from it, I described it as a small show. It’s no longer a small show! It’s still pretty neat. Great if you love indie comics.

Alpha Flag issue 3 just arrived in the mail today, so we’ll have issues 1-3 of Alpha Flag, Charlie pins, reprints of issues 1 and 2 of my science fiction minicomic, SF, as well as the third, Adults-only (lots of nudity, swearing, and just a touch of sex) issue Untitled SF3: wstyd. SF3 ended up being 23 pages of comics, so it’s only a minicomic in dimensions!

I’ve got a few friends that’ll be there for you to check out–namely Mat Heagerty and JD Faith of Just Another Sheep fame.

We hope to see you there!